SSI designs and manufactures size reduction systems to prepare solid wastes for thermal treatment or conversion to alternative fuels.

SSI's engineered fuel solutions turn waste into profits.

Alternative Fuels Pre-Processing
Alternative Fuels Pre-Processing Quad? Shredding System Alternative Fuels Pre-Processing System

Alternative Fuels Solutions

Since 1980, SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. has been developing and refining a wide range of products and engineered system solutions to convert waste materials into usable fuels for industry. SSI has the experience, product range and desire to exceed your expectations.

RDF / MSW / Mixed Waste

RDF / MSW / Mixed Waste

Commingled waste can easily be pre-shredded with PRI-MAX® technology to the point where non combustible items can be separated in a variety of ways ahead of Quad® or Uni-Shear® machines that convert the target materials into usable fuels.

Tires Shredding


Tire processing machinery is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. For fuel applications, most customers look for material sized between 1” (25mm) and 3” (75mm). SSI Dual-Shear® shredders are proven, reliable solutions that offer users high online reliability and low operating costs.

One-Pass Shredding


In certain parts of the world, capacity is not as important as quality. SSI Quad® shredders are proven machines that can digest an extremely wide range of materials, including many metals, and reduce them down to sizes typically ranging from 2” (50mm) to 5” (127mm). Quad® machines are very good at liberating items from one another so downstream separation technologies may be effectively used.

C&D - Construction & Demolition Debris

C&D - Construction & Demolition Debris

Commingled materials can be processed in a PRI-MAX® reducer to the point where non combustible items can be separated in a variety of ways. High speed grinders are typically used in this application after metals and non-shreddables have been removed to prepare the remaining wood for use as fuel.

Hazardous Waste Shredding

Hazardous Waste

SSI has extensive experience in the supply of hazardous waste processing systems. Oxygen starved processing chambers, liquid & solid separation, liquid containment and batch or continuous process systems are available.

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