Plastics & Textiles

SSI manufactures a variety of low-speed, high-torque 1, 2 and 4-shaft shredders specially suited for size reduction of plastics and textiles.

So many shapes, sizes, and types. Only one shredder needed.

Plastics & Textile Shredding Applications
Plastic and Textile Shredding Systems Plastics & Textiles Shredded Particles

Plastics & Textiles Solutions

SSI has many shredders installed in plastic processing applications ahead of granulators to downsize bulky, difficult to manage or compressible materials before additional processing and recycling. We also have many shredders employed converting plastic materials into usable fuel sources for industry.

Here are some typical system solutions:

plastic bale shredding


SSI technologies can accept direct-fed bales of plastic, downsize the material and regulate flow to downstream processing machinery such as granulators, cubers, pelletizers, etc.

plastic shredding in an ssi two-shaft shredder


Toll processors never know exactly what they may receive, and therefore they want to be ready for anything. SSI shredders are able to handle the range of materials and they are also easy to keep clean between batches, thanks to slow speed, high torque technology.

industrial foam shredding


With numerous installations, SSI Dual-Shear® and Uni-Shear® shredders are highly reliable and efficient solutions for processing carpet pad and foam for reclamation.

MRF residual shredding in a four shaft shredder


SSI shredders can convert commingled combustible materials, including textiles, foam and plastics, into materials suitable for use as a fuel for industry.

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