New Shredder in Indonesia Helps Convert Waste to Alternative Fuel

July, 28th 2011

Dangerous gas emissions from Indonesia’s landfills and waste incineration plants are decreasing thanks to a new shredder from SSI Shredding Systems that reduces the size of industrial waste to be converted to alternative fuel and raw materials for products

New SSI Shredder in IndonesiaWilsonville, OR – With nearly 230 million residents, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and one of the largest producers of industrial waste. For years, the country's waste has been disposed of either into landfills or through incineration. Both disposal methods cause harmful methane and carbon dioxide gases to be emitted into the atmosphere. PT Teknotama Lingkungan Internusa, a pioneer in waste management, has a plan to help change this.

PT Teknotama Lingkungan Internusa (EcoStar Group) has completed construction on a new facility in West Java, Indonesia that converts industrial waste to alternative fuel and useful raw materials. SSI Shredding Systems of Wilsonville, OR was contracted to construct an integral piece of the project - a shredder capable of reducing the size of the waste to small enough particles for easier handling, sorting and conversion down the line.

SSI Shredding Systems chose the Quad Q85HD shredder as the appropriate machine for the job. The hydraulic drive, four-shaft industrial shredder combines 200 horsepower with SSI’s high-torque, low-speed technology to efficiently reduce large volumes of waste to small, uniform particles. The Quad Q85HD shredder is built to handle almost any type of industrial waste including metal and non-metal materials.

The entire process produces an alternative fuel that is used to power industrial cement kilns throughout Indonesia. The raw materials produced are being used in brick and paving blocks and as ingredients for chemical products used in wastewater purification.

The new waste conversion facility is helping Indonesia to repurpose otherwise useless and potentially harmful industrial waste. The partnership between SSI Shredding Systems and PT Teknotama Lingkungan Internusa (EcoStar Group) continues to produce positive results in the ongoing mission to lower environmental pollution in Indonesia and around the world.

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