SSI Spotlight: Plastics & The Uni-Shear? SR500

January, 5th 2017

This month we take a look at a Plastic recycling facility located in the USA to learn how they use their Uni-Shear® SR500 to their advantage.  

"A couple key elements on this shredder were the new design features we recognized over every other shredder we've had in use prior," said Mark regarding the SR500. "The size of the hopper, the size of the rotor, the cutting angle of the cutters and the efficiencies that those elements provided, justified an upgrade to this particular unit."

Mark is using the SR500 to reduce the size of bulky plastics. At his facility, he takes a wide variety of unwanted plastics and recycles them into premium grade resins.

Click here to learn about the evolution of the SR500 shredder and the making of this machine.

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