SSI Product Spotlight: Pre-Load Compactors

May, 31st 2017


SSI founded its Pre-Load Compactor product line with efficiency as a core principle. SSI Pre-Load Compactors, with a capacity of 120+ tons per hour, remove an operational bottleneck to further streamline the waste transportation process.

"Almost nearly as fast as you can get trailers moved around and in place, you’re pulling away with maximum trailer loads, that are road legal,” says Nathan Wilt from SSI Compactor Sales as he explains the efficiency of the SSI Pre-Load compactor. Where it used to take five trailers,” continues Wilt, “[now] you can do it in possibly four trailers or less.  Loading efficiencies result in fewer truck trips to the landfill reducing wear and tear to the equipment while reducing overall fuel consumption”

The Pre-Load Compactor displays the weight of the bales as they are built and then ejects them directly into the trailer, which offloads responsibility from the operator to estimate how loaded the trailer is. With such an increase in efficiency “these compactors can pay for themselves in a year or a year and a half,” says Wilt, “for a big piece of capital equipment like that, that’s a pretty quick payoff.”

The design and performance of the Pre-Load compactor reflects SSI’s commitment to improving reliability and capabilities of its product lines.


SSI Shredding Systems 4500 Series Pre-Load Compactor4500 Series Pre-Load Compactor - Learn more...

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