SSI’s New T160 Tri-Shear? 3-Shaft Industrial Shredder Inhales OTR Tires

September, 4th 2015

VineyardFor the past several years, there has been an increasing interest in large OTR tire processing solutions. We’re talking about the really big mining tires, such as 40.00r57, 53/80r63 and 59/80r63 tires. These huge tires can be 4 meters tall and weigh 4,200 - 4,700 kgs (9,200 - 10,400 lbs) when they’re worn out. Whole tire processing has not been cost effective, and cutting mining tires into 25 - 30 pieces so they can be processed in machinery designed for truck and wheel loader tires isn’t cost effective either.

As a solution, SSI Shredding Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of the T160 Tri-Shear™, the perfect balance between both ends of the processing spectrum. The T160 can process debeaded and pre-cut tires that are still in 450 kg (1,000+ lb) “chunks”, so the front end preconditioning process only needs to make 8 - 11 pieces out of the largest mining tires.

The new T160 produces material that can pass through its internal 150mm (6”) sizing screen at 17 - 20 tons per hour, and it makes perfect feedstock for downstream wire separation and granulation machinery, such as our Uni-Shear® SR900 single rotor grinder.

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