Video by SSI Helps Educate School Children on Waste Disposal

October, 26th 2010

SSI has produced a five-minute instructional video showcasing the process of long-distance, waste rail haul systems using pre-load compactors. The video is being shown as an educational tool for field trip students visiting Northwest waste processing facilities.

Wilsonville, OR – What started out as a brief marketing presentation has evolved into a popular educational tool for school children throughout Oregon and Washington. SSI Shredding Systems recently completed filming, editing and production on an informational video which visually tells the story of the journey waste takes from local transfer stations to regional landfills. The original goal of the video was to show potential clients how SSI's Pre-Load Compactors are currently being used in the waste disposal industry. But as the filming and editing progressed, the story became bigger. The final cut features music, voice-over narratives and actual on-site footage filmed at a transfer station and landfill site in remote Eastern Oregon.

Waste transfer stations throughout the Pacific Northwest utilize SSI's Pre-Load Compactor systems. These compactors are important components to the efficiency of the waste disposal process. Compacting the waste to its greatest density allows every container payload to be maximized prior to final transport to the landfills. Maximized payloads help reduce the amount of trucks, trips and handling required, thereby creating greater economic benefits with less environmental impact.

Waste Management, a leading provider of comprehensive waste and environmental services in North America, owns and operates the transfer station and landfill site shown in the video. The company is involved in recycling education as part of its community partnership work.

The "Waste By Rail" video presentation is now among the educational resources available for use with students and the community members who may tour Waste Management facilities. The "Waste By Rail" video produced by SSI Shredding Systems helps to visually explain the importance of the waste transportation process and how it contributes to environmentally friendly waste disposal.

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